Purpose & Grant Making


The Nonprofit Future Fund (NFF) was founded as a division of Trust Funds For All Children, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The purpose of NFF is to provide nonprofit organizations with the funding needed to evaluate and expand the use of new technologies that will enable them to accelerate the fulfillment of their charters. 

Grant Making

NFF uses its grant programs to enable nonprofit organizations to operate at the forefront of technology adoption while minimizing their financial exposure. This innovation allows them to improve their operations faster than traditional nonprofit budget cycles allow.

NFF offers two types of grants:

  1. Igniter Grants: co-investment grants designed to pilot critical technologies and related services in nonprofit organizations.
  2. Expansion Grants: co-investment grants designed to expand the use of proven technologies and related services in nonprofits.
NFF directly receives and reviews grant applications from nonprofit organizations. If a grant is approved, then NFF provides payment directly to the associated technology partner contracted to provide the related services and technologies. The nonprofit organization will receive a credit on their invoice from the technology partner for the value of the grant, funding the related services and technologies.

Once NFF has approved a grant, the applying nonprofit is expected to sign a grant agreement that stipulates the terms of the grant, including qualitative and quantitative success reporting, testimonial and case study participation, as well as a financial commitment by the nonprofit for the continued use of the technology once it has been proven to deliver targeted financial performance. The full text of the grant agreement can be obtained by contacting operations@nonprofitfuturefund.org.