Oversight and Leadership

The Nonprofit Future Fund (NFF) is supervised by the Board of Directors of Trust Funds For All Children. NFF is led by a Management Team, list below, of highly experienced nonprofit professionals:


Dr. Terry Mollner

Dr. Terry Mollner is a pioneer in socially responsible investing (SRI) and Chairman / Co-Founder of Stakeholders Capital, which builds portfolios using funds from many SRI fund families. He was a co-founder of the Calvert Social Investment Funds, the first and largest family of social funds, with over $37 billion under management. He also co-founded Calvert Impact Capital, which raises and loans capital to “end poverty through investment.” To date, it has loaned over $3 billion to reduce poverty around the world.

He is also the Founder and President of Trust Funds for All Children, Inc., a think tank and consulting firm in economic and social development. Its current focus is two-fold. First, it is on the development of the Common Good Movement, including Common Good Capitalism and Common Good Democracy. Second, it is launching Trust Funds for All Children, a program of parents creating a trust fund for their children in a way that also stimulates the creation of trust funds for poor children. It could eventually result in every child on Earth born with a trust fund supported by socially responsible investment in the stock market.

Dr. Mollner's professional accomplishments also include participating on the team that brokered Unilever’s purchase of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, securing a contract that allowed it to forever remain a socially responsible company. After the sale, he served on its board for 18 years. He also serves on the boards of PCI Media, Inc., which uses media to create positive social change in emerging and frontier countries, The Foundation for Climate Restoration Inc., working to bring CO2 out of the atmosphere, and Civana, an online platform that will allow all organizations focused on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals easily work together.

Meesha Brown

Meesha Brown serves as President of PCI Media. Meesha has an unwavering commitment to education as the fundamental means to empower people to realize their undeniable human rights and create lasting cultural change. As the first woman and person of color to lead PCI Media, Meesha is passionate about ensuring that PCI Media’s work fully embodies the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Meesha has 20 years of experience in education and communication spaces. She has worked with a range of partners spanning government, NGO, and private sector agencies to see to the education of children and adults and to produce award-winning media. Meesha’s work has touched and changed the lives of millions of people.

In 2015, Meesha produced #ISurvivedEbola, a global public health campaign. The campaign saved lives by empowering over 10 million people to take measures to protect themselves and others from contracting the deadly Ebola virus.

Meesha began her professional career in public education. During her tenure as Director of Literacy for New York City Public Schools, she led changes in education policy, impacting outcomes for 1.1 million students. Meesha then worked with national organizations and state departments of education to scale the implementation of more effective teaching techniques.

Additionally, Meesha has over two decades of extensive experience in capacity building, partnership management, community engagement, facilitation, and learning design.

Meesha has skillfully managed PCI Media’s program portfolio across 70 countries, 30 languages, and numerous partners on issues including immunization, nutrition, violence against women and children, and climate resilience.

Meesha sits on the Boards of Calvert Impact Capital, the David and Dovetta Wilson Scholarship Fund, and Reimagine.

Meesha holds a B.A. in Education with a specialization in Reading from the University of Texas and studied in the Urban Policy MSc program at the New School. Meesha is one of 11 children from West Texas and has experienced first-hand the transformative power of education from a place of love, not loss. Meesha is dedicated to the work of sharing this gift with all people.
Meesha Brown Headshot

Doug White

Doug White, a long-time leader in the nation’s philanthropic community, is an author, teacher, and advisor to nonprofit organizations and philanthropists.

He is Co-Chair of the FoolProof Foundation’s Walter Cronkite Project Committee and a governing board member of the Secular Coalition of America.

Doug has published five books about nonprofits and philanthropy. His most recent, “Wounded Charity," (Paragon House, 2019), analyzes the allegations of mismanagement made against the Wounded Warrior Project, and it describes how WWP came to be so heavily criticized and why much of the criticism was unfounded.

He published “Abusing Donor Intent” (Paragon House, 2014), which chronicles the historic lawsuit brought against Princeton University by the children of Charles and Marie Robertson, the couple who donated $35 million in 1961 to endow the graduate program at the Woodrow Wilson School. The family contended that Princeton abused its mandate to spend the money as the donors wished - and as the university agreed.

He is the former director of Columbia University’s Master of Science in Fundraising Management program, where, in addition to his extensive management responsibilities, he taught board governance, ethics, and fundraising. He is also the former academic director of New York University’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. He has also been an advisor to BoardSource, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to “building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service.”

Doug is also the moderator of the Donors' Forum in New York, a monthly discussion about the challenges facing philanthropy and nonprofits.