Founding Charter

The Nonprofit Future Fund (NFF) is a division of Trust Funds For All Children, Inc. (TFAC), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and was formed by a resolution of the TFAC Board of Directors, which is shown below:


The undersigned, constituting the entire Board of Directors of Trust Funds For All Children, Inc. (“TFAC”) hereby adopt the following resolutions:

WHEREAS TFAC desires to establish a division called The Nonprofit Future Fund (“NFF”), whose purpose is to enable nonprofit organizations to be at the forefront of technology while minimizing their financial exposure;

WHEREAS NFF shall follow all the rules of the Internal Revenue Service for 501(c )(3) public tax exempt organizations and operate within the guidelines set forth in these resolutions all subject to the legal control of the Board of Directors of TFAC;

NOW THEREFORE it is hereby

RESOLVED, that NFF is established as a division of TFAC subject to the terms set forth in the forgoing WHEREAS clauses and these resolutions;

RESOLVED, that NFF shall have its own bank and investment accounts and that all contributions made to TFAC and designated for NFF shall be transferred by TFAC to NFF within five business days of TFAC ‘s receipt of the donation;

RESOLVED, that NFF shall be managed by a team consisting of Terry Mollner, Meesha Brown and Doug White (the “NFF Management Team”), which by majority vote shall make all decisions with respect to NFF,  including without limitation opening bank and other investment accounts, reviewing and approving grant requests, and issuing receipts for donations, provided however that  (1) all expenditures and disbursements shall require the signature of at least two members of the NFF Management Team and (2) NFF shall not incur indebtedness unless it has first obtained the consent of the TFAC Board of Directors;

RESOLVED, that NFF shall pay TFAC a fee equal to 5% of all donations actually received by the NFF division;

RESOLVED, that any additions, subtraction and/or changes to the terms set forth in these resolutions, including without limitation any changes to the NFF Management Team shall require the unanimous consent of each of (1) the Board of Directors of TFAC and (2) the NFF Management Team;

RESOLVED, that if the Board of Directors of TFAC and the NFF Management Team, by unanimous vote of each, determine to cease NFF operations, any funds in NFF accounts shall be disbursed by TFAC to not for profit organizations in accordance with the procedures established by NFF and approved by the Board of Directors of TFAC .  

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned constituting the entire Board of Directors of TFAC have executed this Unanimous Written Consent as of the day first written above. 

/Terry Mollner (TFAC Board Member)

/John Broucek (TFAC Board Member)

/Peter Corbett (TFAC Board Member)