Who We Are

The Nonprofit Future Fund (NFF) was established to help nonprofit organizations close the technology adoption gap, accelerating their impact on society.

NFF enhances nonprofits' access to leading-edge technologies and services, helping them to establish the broadest financial foundations and sustainably scale while meeting increasing demands. We invite you to join us on our mission!
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Increasing Needs

The demand for nonprofit services continues to rise across all sectors.  While nonprofits are uniquely suited and capable of meeting those needs, they are consistently constrained by rising costs and decreasing donations.

Innovations in technologies and related services offer critical capabilities that enable nonprofits to address societal needs. However, most nonprofit funding and business models deter investments in infrastructure, leaving nonprofits behind in their battle to close societal gaps.

We See a Solution

The Nonprofit Future Fund was established to enable nonprofits to operate at the forefront of technology adoption while minimizing their financial exposure.  This innovation allows them to improve their operations faster than traditional nonprofit budget cycles allow. 

NFF Grants

  • Igniter Grants: Co-investments developed to pilot critical technologies and related services in nonprofits.
  • Expansion Grants: Co-investments designed to expand the use of proven technologies and related services in nonprofits.

Donate to the Fund

Donors and philanthropists can contribute to The Nonprofit Future Fund and help further the mission of nonprofits.

When you make a tax-deductible contribution to The Fund, you will accelerate the positive impact nonprofit organizations make on society. Your donation will realize a multiplier effect, with each gift enhancing the financial foundations on which nonprofits operate.

Apply for a Grant

Nonprofits that want to introduce transformative technology and related services into their work can apply for “Igniter” or “Expansion” Grants.

  • The Igniter Grant is a co-investment to facilitate pilot programs introducing key technologies to nonprofits.
  • The Expansion Grant is a co-investment to increase the use of proven technologies in nonprofits.

These grants will not only accelerate technology adoption but will also help nonprofits mitigate financial risk.